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 Post subject: Diff font size n printin
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:33 pm 

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I m havin a issue on printin J Panel. The printin class was da following:

package MyPackage;
import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.print.*;

public class PrintUtilities implements Printable {
  private Component componentToBePrinted;

  public static void printComponent(Component c) {
    new PrintUtilities(c).print();

  public PrintUtilities(Component componentToBePrinted) {
    this.componentToBePrinted = componentToBePrinted;

  public void print() {
    PrinterJob printJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();
    if (printJob.printDialog())
      try {
      catch (PrinterException pe) {
        System.out.println("Error printing: " + pe);

  public int print(Graphics g, PageFormat pf, int pageIndex) {
    int response = NO_SUCH_PAGE;
    Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D) g;
    Dimension d = componentToBePrinted.getSize();
    double panelWidth = d.width;
    double panelHeight = d.height;
    double pageHeight = pf.getImageableHeight();
    double pageWidth = pf.getImageableWidth();
    double scale = pageWidth / panelWidth;
    int totalNumPages = (int) Math.ceil(scale * panelHeight / pageHeight);
    if (pageIndex >= totalNumPages) {
       response = NO_SUCH_PAGE;
    else {
       g2.translate(pf.getImageableX(), pf.getImageableY());
       g2.translate(0f, -pageIndex * pageHeight);
        g2.scale(scale, scale);
        response = Printable.PAGE_EXISTS;
    return response;

  public static void disableDoubleBuffering(Component c) {
    RepaintManager currentManager = RepaintManager.currentManager(c);

  public static void enableDoubleBuffering(Component c) {
    RepaintManager currentManager = RepaintManager.currentManager(c);

The prob was dat font size on JPanel, when it was printd, is huge!! So I was forced
2 set Font size 2 10 in order 2 havin a decent printin ; however dis setting make legibility (on screen) very difficult. What could I do?

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